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tina frost

Certified Master Handwriting Analyst Expert

I don't remember the exact moment in time that graphology piqued my curiosity but I do remember seeing the handwriting of a friend that spooked the hell out of me. It was riddled with exaggerated felon claws and stinger-like hooks that seemed odd and out-of-place and the heavy pressure seemed so angry. I was curious why my handwriting didn't have the same type of embellished letters. After all, we were the same age and learned to write using the same Palmer Method style.


                               This curiosity led me to start casually observing every piece of 
                                handwriting I could get my hands on and then my mild curiosity grew
                                in to a moderate interest which later manifested in to what some may
                                call an obsession. Yep, for over 37-years my insatiable desire to learn
                                everything I could about handwriting analysis and the science behind
                                it became and remains my true passion (I actually have two passions
                                and the other is stained glass but that's a topic for another day).

Do you have any idea how many handwriting analysis/graphology books have been written? I don't know either but I have probably read every one ever written (at least those in English) and I have a pretty impressive library to prove it. And I'll admit I may have worn thin most of my family and friends with regards to this hobby (for some silly reason they're all afraid to even send a handwritten Christmas card...) any who, this itch just couldn't be scratched and it was my ex-husband who suggested I take some classes. "It'll be fun", he said, "who knows maybe one day you can teach this stuff and become an expert or something." And just like that I jumped head first in to the long journey of becoming a certified master handwriting analyst expert. 

I consider myself one of the lucky ones because I've been able to work and make a living doing something I actually enjoy. Sure, there were a few swings and misses along the way in search of the "perfect job/career" but once I stumbled into graphic design and then started working for myself, well, my career just took off. And it's because of my successful career (and hard work) I was able to continue studying handwriting analysis. Fast forward a couple of decades and here I am with all the fancy credentials, experience and knowledge ready to start my next journey, the one I was meant to be on and have been preparing for most of my adult life. This is my new full-time endeavor but I don't look at it as a job but as something I love doing and something I am very passionate about and as it turns out it’s something I'm actually pretty good at. 

I can help you better understand yourself, your partner, your career, your compatibility with others, your road-blocks, your strengths and your weaknesses. Let me show you what your handwriting says about you (or maybe what it says about the person you're sleeping with or working with)​.

And that's a little about me...

P.S. and by the way—About the friend with the felon claw and stinger-like hooks in her writing. Well, she grew up to be a horrible person who takes advantage of good people and leaves chaos and destruction everywhere she goes. You might say she's a modern-day Judas. Sadly, at a young age I saw this in her writing but didn't understand and comprehend how every stroke in handwriting equals a trait and every trait equals a behavior. Now if I saw a person with similar handwriting I would run like hell!  

Yep, lesson learned...the hard way!

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