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Announcing the
release of my new book.
Whoop Whoop!

Handwriting Never Lies
A Graphology Dictionary and Resource Guide

No matter your level of expertise in the study of Handwriting Analysis (Graphology) this concise and easy-to-use guide is an invaluable tool for quickly identifying handwriting strokes, traits and behaviors. Illustrated with page after page of actual handwriting samples, this Dictionary and Resource Guide can help you quickly, accurately and systematically analysis handwriting. Although hundreds of books have been writing on the subject, this book was written with the sole purpose of consolidating the facts and visual information into an abbreviated, practical, and comprehensive resource guide for the expert who is developing their interest in the science of graphology, as well as the curious novice. 

This book offers an easy-to-follow design for quick and accurate reference and features:

  • A-Z individual letter forms with examples

  • A-Z character traits with examples

  • Aptitudes

  • Communication letters

  • Love Letters

  • Secret Sex Traits

  • Hell Traits

  • Signs of Danger 

  • Signs of Fear 

  • Signs of Violence 

  • Mental and Physical Traits

  • Substance Abuse Traits

  • Handwriting Fundamentals and Basic Elements

You can visit Amazon to purchase -- thanks!

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Using the ancient and respected science of graphology, a handwriting analysis expert can reveal how a person thinks, feels and acts (or will act) just by looking at their handwriting sample.
               Hidden in wide loops and
                slanted letters are hints of
                     the writer's personality
                          and quirks revealing
                            the writer's faults,
                            fears, motivations,
                            temper, ambitions
                            and more. Although
                             no single
                                component can
                                 define a person,
                                   in handwriting
                                      every stroke
                                        equals a trait
                                          and every
                                           trait equals
                                            a behavior.

Tina Frost Handwriting Never Lies Handwriting Analysis Expert


What if your last partner was the "jealous" type and made your life simply miserable with their petty or incessive jealousy? If only there was a way of knowing if someone was the jealous type or had aggressive behavior or even worse had a cruel, mean nature. Handwriting analysis can be used for many purposes including: dating compatibility, better  understanding your mate, career guidance, recruiting, hiring, and child development. And it can also reveal behavior, criminal intent and moral character. 

issues with opposite sex.jpg


Issues with the opposite sex

just the facts

Graphology can help identify:

  • State of mind

  • Emotional expressiveness

  • Thinking patterns

  • Strengths

  • Weaknesses

  • Hidden fears and angers

  • Behavior patterns

  • Motives and motivations

  • Personal agenda's


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Handwriting Analysis is Empowering


How well do you really know a person?
Handwriting can reveal if they are...
friend or foe
sane or lunatic
creative or drab
ambitious or lazy
committed or fickle
trustworthy or whether you should
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